Interior Painting Services: Creating A Stunning Feature Wall

A feature wall, as the name suggests, is a wall that stands out from the rest of the walls in a room. This could be because it is painted a different colour, has wallpaper applied or is decorated with photos, pictures or other decorative items. Interior painting services could be the answer if you are looking to create a feature room that adds visual appeal and a unique look to a particular room. 

Choosing The Right Location For Your Feature Wall

When it comes to choosing a feature wall, anything goes! All you need to do is choose one wall in the room that you want to stand out from the rest and you're ready to go. Why not paint a chimney breast wall a vibrant colour and paint the rest of the walls a neutral shade? Or how about painting all walls except for one and adding a patterned wallpaper in a contrasting colour and pattern? If you have not painted before or you need to be sure of the most professional finish, interior painting services will ensure your interior wall is completed to the highest possible standard. 

A Painted Feature Wall

One of the easiest ways to create a stunning feature wall is with paint. If you are unsure which colours will go with your existing colour scheme or a brand new colour on the other walls, you could consult a colour wheel. These tools are great for giving you ideas of which colours will contrast and complement your feature wall. Specialist paints that create texture are great for feaure walls, or you may want to try out a painting technique such as rag rolling. Vertical stripes down the wall are another way to add drama and to make your wall stand out from the rest. If you are not confident in trying out these techniques, a company offering interior painting services will be able to help.

A Feature Wall With Wallpaper 

Even if you want a neutral look to your room you can still use wallpaper. Adding a lighter coloured wallpaper to your wall with an interesting texture can create a more subtle look, but there are many bolder options if you want to create something really eye catching. Bold prints, touchable fabric papers and rich colours can create a stunning focal point and give you more scope when it comes to choosing coordinating furniture and accessories.