Using Liquid Fiberglass to Repair a Rusted Colorbond Roof

Metallic roofs have been a favourite roofing material for many local homeowners. However, for the better part of the last century, they seemed to be losing their popularity to ceramic tiles, until Colorbond roofing technology was introduced and it took metallic roofs right back to the top. Colorbond roofs are beautiful, and easy to install and maintain. When handled properly, they can last for decades.

However, even with the best maintenance, they do rust over time. Liquid fiberglass is one of the newest and most effective technologies in treating rusted Colorbond roofs. Knowing the steps followed in the restoration process makes it easy to rehabilitate minor rust damages on your roof.

Preparing the surface

The rusted patches of the roof need to be prepared before the fiberglass coat is applied. To prepare the surface, wash it with water and then use a grease remover to remove the dirt. Leave the affected surfaces to dry before you start the restoration process. Roof restoration services have a metal conditioner which they use on the affected patches before fiberglass repair, and you can buy it from a hardware store or other building supplies store. Acetic acid can also be used in place of water to remove stubborn rust stains.

Closing the rust holes

There is a fiberglass reinforced filler which is used to seal the small holes which could have resulted from rusting on the roof. You can use a spreader to apply the filler and spread it across the entire rusted surface. After the application, allow the filler to dry out before applying the fiberglass coating. When treating these rust-out holes, remember to use rust deactivator to prevent the surrounding areas from getting moisture and rusting. If the rusted area is large, you can use a fiberglass cloth patch to hold the filler and cover the holes effectively. 

Liquid Fiberglass application

Once you have singled out all the rusted patches on your Colorbond roof and covered the holes with the filler, you can easily apply the liquid fiberglass filler on the patches. The filler acts as a barrier to prevent moisture from getting to the rusted parts and causing further damage.

This is just one of the simple procedures that repainting and repair experts can use to restore a rusted Colorbond roof. There are other options such as repainting the roof. When the experts assess the damage, they decide on the most convenient restoration method for your roof.