How to Spruce Up a Dark and Dreary Hallway

The hallway is often one of the most neglected areas of a house; when it comes to decorating, many people prefer to focus their efforts on the main living spaces, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, given that it is the first thing that you and your guests see when walking into the property, it makes sense to put a bit of effort into making it look more warm and inviting. [Read More]

Simple Guidelines to Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Exterior home painting is a project that many homeowners shy away from. As a result, they end up settling for the same old neutral whites and grays for their exterior walls and fixtures. However, there are so many paint colors and shades that you can play around with to transform the exterior look of your home. How do you determine the right colors that will match your style and not clash with the surroundings? [Read More]

Commercial Painting | 3 Sharp Painting Tricks For Different Office Rooms To Boost Creativity Of Your Workforce

If you run a marketing, advertising or web designing business, then you'll know how crucial a creative workforce is to your overall success. Your ability to engage with clients on high creative levels can transform your fortunes and make you one of the most sought-after businesses in your genre. To boost workforce creativity, you must create an enabling environment by following these sharp commercial painting tricks for different rooms in your office. [Read More]