How to Spruce Up a Dark and Dreary Hallway

The hallway is often one of the most neglected areas of a house; when it comes to decorating, many people prefer to focus their efforts on the main living spaces, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, given that it is the first thing that you and your guests see when walking into the property, it makes sense to put a bit of effort into making it look more warm and inviting. Here are some tips for sprucing up this part of your home.

Change the lighting

One of the biggest problems with hallways is that they tend to be very small and dark, which can make the space appear quite gloomy and unwelcoming.  Changing the lighting is an effective way to handle this issue. For instance, placing a light on the wall at the very end of the hallway will draw the eye towards that area, which will make the area seem larger, longer and brighter than it actually is.

The wrong type of lighting can also be problematic in a hallway; a glaringly bright overhead bulb can create a very harsh and unpleasant ambience. Installing dimmer switches is a good solution to this issue; they will allow you add a soft glow to the space, whilst still ensuring that you can adjust the lighting to a brighter setting when you need to. 

Lastly, try to introduce some natural light into the hallway. In most cases, the best way to do this is by replacing your standard front door with one that features a glass pane. Whilst this can be somewhat expensive, it may be a good investment if your hallway is particularly dark and dreary. 

Change the colour palette

Although deeper shades like burgundy, navy and forest green can look wonderfully dramatic in a living room or bathroom, they rarely work quite as well in a narrow hallway; dark colours tend to make small spaces seem even tinier than they already are.

Having your hallway re-painted in a pale colour is an easy way to make it appear more spacious and inviting. It's important to note that, unless you are particularly gifted at DIY, it's best to hire a team of professional painters for this job, as they will have the tools and the know-how to carry out the work to a high standard. 

Whilst white is a popular shade and can certainly look very modern and chic, it's may not be to everyone's tastes and there are plenty of other hues that work just as well; almost any cool-toned pale shade will reflect the light and create the same illusion of spaciousness; pastel lavender, grey or blue for example, are all good choices.