Imaginative Theme Ideas for a Baby's Room

When it's time to decorate a room for use as a nursery, there are tried and tested colours that have long been used — blue for a boy, pink for a girl, with yellow often used as a neutral alternative. If you've got a baby on the way, why not try going all-out with a full decorating theme, instead of just using plain, simple shades of one colour? After all, colours and themes should be enjoyed by all children.

Having an interesting and attention-grabbing theme throughout the room helps to stimulate your baby's imagination from day one and will send them off to sleep with sweet dreams, night after night.

Outer space

Children are fascinated by space, and using that as a basis for your baby's room is a great way to incorporate classic blues into an interesting theme. Think darker shades, but not so dark they're oppressive, combined with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Furniture in fitting designs is readily available, and there are plenty of options for pictures and ornaments.

Exploring the jungle

Various shades of green joined by earthy browns, reds and oranges create a warm, calming effect. Add some animals into the mix and you've got a jungle theme a little child will love looking at. You can use framed prints to introduce wildlife to the room, and stuffed toys — particularly those giant ones — will bring it all to life.

Deep under the sea

Another way to use blue to an interesting effect, your little one can imagine they're on a submarine surrounded by cool blue waters populated with fish and other sea creatures. This is a particularly easy theme to achieve but with a strong overall effect.

Magical fantasy realms

A magic theme can be tailored to any tastes quite easily. You can use grey walls that give the feeling of being inside a castle, accented with brightly-coloured creatures and effects. Wizards, centaurs and other magical beings will really get the imagination going, and this will be perfect for pretend play when your little one gets a bit older.

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes

Familiar stories are comforting for babies as they begin to grow, and you can use characters and words to provide a constant reminder of these much-loved tales. Create a forest effect by combining bright greens and light browns with a sky-blue ceiling, then let your own imagination run wild. You can use stencils or stickers to add lines from stories and rhymes, and get soft toys of well-known characters.

Talk with professional painters for help achieving the right effect in the room.